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Logic Natural Marketing is a social media marketing agency committed to helping naturopathic doctors and alternative wellness practitioners increase their patient base. The agency was launched by founder Courtney Turner who herself struggled with medical ailments in which she received great help from many naturopathic physicians along her healing journey. The goal of Logic Natural Marketing is not only to help practitioners get in front of more patients, but to also bring more healing to the world through reaching those that may have otherwise known about the healing power of nature. Schedule a free consultation with us to find out how we can benefit your business!


Our founder Courtney Turner is very knowledgeable, not only about the naturopathic field from being a patient, but has also been formally educated in many areas. She has gained degrees such as an AA Arts and BS/MS in Biology, as well as has completed coursework at SCNM and has finished social media marketing programs.

Due to her personal as well as professional knowledge in the health and wellness field, she is able to understand and help you connect with patients unlike other marketers in the field.

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